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Meet Dr. Kenya Felicissimo

"Kenya Felicíssimo is the Brazilian Delegate of the World Sleep Association, Professor of the UFBA Master's Degree, pioneer in Sleep Dentistry in Bahia, PhD in Biotechnology and specialist in Orthodontics and Radiology".

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With Dr. Kenya Felicíssimo, the motto is to innovate. She is a pioneer in Sleep Dentistry in Bahia, with a title issued by Associação Brasileira do Sono (ABS). She is Professor of the Professional Master's Program in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation (PROFNIT) of the UFBA Focal Point, at the Institute of Chemistry.

For her research and dissemination work in the area of sleep, she was entitled Delegate-Brazil of the World Sleep Society, through the World Association of Sleep Medicine. She holds a PhD in Biotechnology from UFBA, a specialist in Orthodontics and Radiology from the Brazilian Academy of Military Medicine and a post-graduate degree in Project Management from PUC Minas.

In the practice, he works in the areas of Orthodontics and sleep disorders, such as snoring, apnea, bruxism, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunctions, tinnitus and airway resistance, with individualized appliances.

She is CEO of MK Inovare, a pioneer company in Brazil in projects of PD & I (Research, Development and Innovation) in the area of sleep disorders. The startup was allocated in the Technology Park of Bahia, a reference in the state for bringing together leading companies in new technologies.

She coordinates projects contemplated by FAPESB (Foundation for Research Support of the State of Bahia), FINEP (Funding of Studies and Projects) and CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). She is the winner of the UFBA Independent Inventor Award with the innovation of New AIO - an intraoral device to treat snoring, produced on an industrial scale and already patented.

Dra. Kenya Felicíssimo

Phones: (+55 71) 3353.3014 / 98822.9115 / 99994.5871

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